Cybergraffiti is a collection of digital graffiti that is impossible to do in the real world because they are painted on great monuments of humanity, great works of art, places that are impossible to do graffiti, etc.

At the same time, they denounce social injustice, historical-scientific error, prejudice, religious fanaticism, etc. Through the corresponding graffiti.

There is graffiti that could go even further, graffiti that would never have the permission of the competent authority to be carried out and that, because they are intensely guarded places, could never be carried out.

This type of virtual graffiti is what cybertapas wants to carry out; virtual interventions are thus elaborated on buildings and locations in which it would be practically impossible to carry them out in reality and on the ground.

And on the other hand, what does it matter if they are real or virtual? Are we not in the era of the tremendous simulation? What does it matter if it’s true or false? If, after all, only what comes out through the mass media exists.